Record of Lodoss War - SEGA Dreamcast

Conspiracy Entertainment

$59.99 USD

Experience the world of Record of Lodoss War up close and personal in an epic 3D Action/RPG only for Sega Dreamcast. Take control of a mysterious warrior from the past, resurrected to save the future, on a colossal quest filled with pulse-pounding action and high adventure. Join forces with popular characters from the Lodoss universe and combat hundreds of vicious enemies with dozens of spectacular spells.

Product Details

  • Name: Record of Lodoss War
  • Platform: SEGA Dreamcast
  • Genre: Role-Playing > Action RPG
  • Developer/Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2001-02
  • Item ID: T-40218N
  • Item Code: 0815315000016
  • Franchise: Record of Lodoss War