Ducati World Racing Challenge - SEGA Dreamcast


$19.99 USD

BEND THE RULES... RULE THE BENDS!When it comes to motorcycles, Ducati is simply the best. More than just phenomenal power and performance, Ducati is a lifestyle. Now it's your turn to taste the Ducati life! DUCATI WORLD RACING CHALLENGE brings you the high-tech and high-powered legacy of Ducati bikes in super-smooth hi-rez detail.-Get into the Ducati lifestyle and take on the world's best in the immersive Ducati Life Mode!-Compete for your driver's license and right to enter exclusive race circuits!-Dominate 8 unique tracks on over 40 past, present and classic Ducati superbikes!-Put your friends to shame in multi-player split-screen action!

Product Details

  • Name: Ducati World Racing Challenge
  • Platform: SEGA Dreamcast
  • Genre: Racing > Simulation > Automobile
  • Developer/Publisher: Acclaim
  • Release Date: 2001-02
  • Item ID: T-8113N
  • Item Code: 0021481832157