PlayStation Portable Limited Edition Madden NFL 11 Entertainment Pack - Piano Black


$999.99 USD

Details: Product Description Madden NFL 11 is the 22nd version of EA Sports' classic video game football franchise. Featuring cover athlete Drew Brees, Super Bowl XLIV MVP and quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, Madden NFL 11 incorporates a blend of simpler, quicker and deeper new features with time-tested classic features expected from a game in the Madden franchise. Features included in the PlayStation Portable version include Franchise mode, Superstar Challenge mode, Mini-camp Competition mode, the ability to customize your team's playbook and more. The PlayStation Portable 3000 Madden NFL 11 bundle brings together the latest revision in the PlayStation Portable (PSP) hardware line, with the ultimate gridiron thrills that gamers can only get with the Madden NFL game franchise. The bundle is a bargain, including both a "Piano Black" PSP-3000 system and a copy of Madden NFL 11 at a considerable savings over the purchase of both separately. Toss in the media rich features of the PSP-3000, including Wi-Fi access to the Internet and the PlayStation Store, music, movie and Skype functionality, a built-in microphone, a brighter screen and the ability to play games and movies in digital and UMD format and you have a handheld gaming bundle suited to any player. Step your game up with the Madden NFL 11 PSP Bundle. View larger. Everything You See on Sunday Madden NFL 11 reenergizes the game of football with a fun and exhilarating experience to ignite the passion of every NFL fan. Whether rekindling an old rivalry, putting your spin on the best moments of 2009, or building the ultimate dynasty in Franchise Mode, Madden NFL 11 will make you feel like every day is Sunday as you fight for fumbles, design your own plays, and feel what it's like to be an NFL superstar in the ultimate NFL experience for PlayStation Portable. PSP-3000 Piano Black and Madden NFL 11 game included. View larger. Take control in Madden like never before. View larger. A feature-rich design that plays your entire UMD catalog of games. View larger. Easy wireless access to the PlayStation Store. View larger. Build an NFL Dynasty Build a roster from the ground up or play with your favorite team for three full decades in a quest to dominate for 30 full seasons in Franchise Mode. Change History Jets vs. Chargers in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. Colts vs. Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. Relive these classic moments and the best from the 2009 season while playing the role of hero or spoiler in Superstar Challenge Mode. Design Game-Changing Plays Become the architect of an unstoppable offense or ball-hawking defense by creating your own custom plays. Customize your team’s playbook to fit your playing style and live out your masterpieces as you take down your biggest rivals. Exciting New Commentary Gus Johnson, one of the most electrifying play-by-play commentators in sports, joins Cris Collinsworth in the booth, bringing a whole new level of excitement on every play. About PlayStation Portable 3000 Now with Included Microphone and Brighter Screen The latest PlayStation Portable revision, the PSP-3000, has everything the older PSPs had but now includes a built-in microphone, which lets you take advantage of voice features in some games as well as the PSP's built-in Skype functionality without having to use a headset. The new PSP-3000 also includes an improved anti-reflective screen that offers higher contrast and clearer visibility in well-lit places and can even be used outdoors. A Full Entertainment System in Your Hands The PSP was designed to handle all varieties of applications and entertainment -- music, video, communication, wireless networking, and, of course, gaming. Users will enjoy topnotch 3D games with high-quality, full-motion video, and high-fidelity audio. The 4.3-inch wide screen display is bright and beautiful, and works well under many different lighting conditions. If you prefer, you can also connect your PSP to yo


  • The PSP-3000s built-in microphone provides additional voice functionality in certain games, as well allows for Skype functionality without the use of an additional microphone
  • Includes a copy of Madden NFL 11 for PSP along with the PSP-3000 for the same price as the hardware alone making for an outstanding value
  • Within Madden 11 enjoy game modes such as the classic Franchise mode, Superstar Challenge mode and Mini-Camp Competition mode, along with a mini-game and the ability to create your own custom plays
  • With the PSP-3000 enjoy the high end multimedia support for games, movies, music, video, the Internet and more, that is all possible through one device
  • The PSP-3000 features a brilliant 4.3-inch widescreen color display, with improved daytime visibility in direct sun

Release Date: 10-08-2010

Languages: English

Brand: Playstation

EAN: 0711719891802