Grand Slam - PlayStation

Virgin Interactive

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PLAY FOR REAL "...unprecedented control." - Electronic Gaming Monthly GRAND SLAM DIVES, DIGS AND COMES UP WITH THE MOST REALISTIC BASEBALL EVER. REAL PLAYING Control and manage over 800 MLBPA players and prospects Action follows updated player statistics provided by STATS Inc. 1997 team rosters Track dozens of stats for every single team, player and prospect over an entire season - plus special season awards Advanced A.I. gives you real MLBPA players who think and play like pros Play or simulate an entire season, optimizing your team with realistic trading A.I. REAL PITCHING & BATTING Exclusive Batting Meter for total swing control Exclusive Pitching Meter for total pitch control 3 levels of difficulty for pitching batting REAL ACTION Play in all 28 stadiums authentically rendered in 3-D, including all-new '97 stadiums Unique behind-the-fielder camera puts you on the field and in the action Multiple play modes: Practice, Tater Tournament, Exhibition, Season and Playoffs 2500 play-by-play commentaries and authentic sound effects Head-to-head competition

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Game Data

  • Genre: Sports > Team > Baseball > Sim
  • Age Rating: ESRB K-A
  • Descriptor(s): Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
  • Country: USA
  • Product ID: SLUS-00127

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