Tombs & Treasure - Nintendo NES


$19.99 USD

Deep in the jungles of Mexico lie the ancient Mayan tombs of Chichen Itza. Eternal resting place of kings - and the vast treasure that was buried with them, including the legendary Sun Key. Now a famous archaeologist has vanished there, leaving behind only a tattered notebook that speaks not just of treasure, but of the bloodthirsty demons that guard it. And with the notebook, the legacy of treasure and terror has passed to you... Can you penetrate the heart of the mystery, and find the mythical Sun Key? Or will the tombs of Chichen Itza claim you among the dead?

Product Details

  • Name: Tombs & Treasure
  • Platform: Nintendo NES
  • Genre: Role-Playing > Western-Style
  • Developer/Publisher: Infocom
  • Release Date: 1991-06
  • Item ID: NES-2T