Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack - Intellivision [USED]


$9.99 USD

Blackjack! Five Card Stud Poker! Seven Card Stud Poker! Five Card Draw Poker! You play against a shifty-eyed, computer-smart dealer. Fast playing, pretend stakes. Action direct from Las Vegas - a casino in a cartridge! You place a simulated bet and actually see cards dealt from a 52 card deck. Call... raise... bluff... stand pat... drop out... discard, and much more! Simulated sound effects such as dealer shuffling cards, coins paid out, and more!

Product Details

  • Name: Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack
  • Platform: Intellivision
  • Genre: Miscellaneous > Gambling
  • Developer/Publisher: Mattel
  • Release Date: 1979
  • Item ID: 2611