Illbleed ( PRINT GAME COVER ) - SEGA Dreamcast


$99.99 USD

Imagine, if you will, a berserk B-movie horror film producer with a twisted sense of humor who puts up a million bucks (fictitious, of course!) to anyone who can survive his 7 movie-themed worlds. It's a bloody mess of mutant monsters, over 1000 traps and items, and abject terror fused with B-movie humor. You must rely solely on the game's sensory feedback (eyesight, hearing, smell, sixth sense) and the hard-to-find "Horror Monitor" to survive the epic adventure! Illbleed delivers a badly needed transfusion to the "been there, done that" horror game genre.

Product Details

  • ( Printed Front Cover and Back Original Cover ) 
  • Name: Illbleed
  • Platform: SEGA Dreamcast
  • Genre: Action Adventure > Survival
  • Developer/Publisher: AIA
  • Release Date: 2001-04
  • Item ID: T-46001N
  • Item Code: 839204000017