Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - Playstation 2


$34.99 USD

Details: Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland takes the Harvest Moon series in a new direction by offering a deeper and more robust role-playing experience than past titles. It might be best described as a life simulation. The object is to successfully save the village from turning into a resort. Construction begins in a year, so you must find a way to rescue your homeland within that time frame. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland will offer nine unique ways in which to complete your task, and focuses more attention on relationships over profit. Befriending the people in town is the key to successfully completing your task. This is the first Harvest Moon title to be in a true 3-D environment. It looks much more realistic without losing the cute animation style for which the series is known. There are 20 new characters--each with his or her own unique personality--richly detailed 3-D environments, and enhanced interaction with animals, including dog training and horse racing. Other compelling details include the ability to collect and cook recipes, real-time character movement, and the capacity to obtain helpful objects by doing part-time jobs.

Release Date: 23-11-2001

Languages: English

Brand: Natsume

EAN: 0026297424640