Guns of Mercy - Nintendo Switch


$49.99 USD

The aliens have invaded the subterranean world!

All Rangers are called to battle to restore peace.
Choose your hero, your weapon, and your favorite mecha to destroy them all!
Guns of Mercy is a pixel art shooting and an arcade game in which you have to go through hundreds of levels.
Get rid of the 8 bosses in the game.
Unlock and upgrade new heroes, weapons, or meches to increase your destructive power.
Play solo or with up to three friends! Who will be the best?


  • Individually Numbered!
  • EXCLUSIVE North American Cover limited to 1500pcs!
  • Fun 4 Player Local Co-op
  • Region Free (will play on all systems worldwide)



Title: Guns of Mercy

Type: Shooter, Action, Multiplayer, Arcade

Players: 1-4

Expected Release: August 2020

Platform: Nintendo Switch EUR


Developer: Storybird Studio

Publisher: Pixelheart