The Incredible Hulk - SEGA Genesis [USED]

U.S. Gold

$19.99 USD

Busting through a brick wall, Rhino charges the Hulk. KRAASH! As the Rhino closes in, the Hulk prepares to knock him to oblivion. The Hulk lands a gamma-powered uppercut! THWAAP! Bruce Banner contends with The Leader's Robot Warriors' laser blasts. THKOOM! The Leader's Bio-Tech Mutants hurl at the angry Hulk. AAAARRRGGG!!

Product Details

  • Name: The Incredible Hulk
  • Platform: SEGA Genesis
  • Genre: Action > Platformer > 2D
  • Developer/Publisher: U.S. Gold
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Item ID: T-79106
  • Item Code: 0743175791068
  • Franchise: Hulk