Pele II: World Tournament Soccer - SEGA Genesis [USED]


$14.99 USD

Now you are a part of the World Tournament, playing for Brazil, Italy, Germany - or any other of the super powers of soccer. There is no luxury of losing a single game. Will you crack under the pressure? Can you beat the odds? The eyes of the world are fixed solely on you. Championship Tournament Format - The world's top international teams battle to reign supreme. New Player Logic - based on strategies and plays of Pele, the world's greatest soccer player. New Kick Meter - adds to the combativeness and athleticism of penalty kicks, corner kicks and kicks made by the goalie.

Product Details

  • Name: Pele II: World Tournament Soccer
  • Platform: SEGA Genesis
  • Genre: Sports > Team > Soccer > Arcade
  • Developer/Publisher: Accolade
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Item Code: 0015605034046
  • Franchise: Pele's Soccer