F-22 Interceptor - SEGA Genesis [USED]

Electronic Arts

$9.99 USD

Take command of America's next generation Air Superiority fighter. Experience the real sensation of flight as you battle land, sea, and air targets in a vivid 3-D world! The F-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter has it all. Fly over 100 unique missions in four combat zones - Iraq, Korea, Russia, and the USA. Or create your own battle with the Mission Generator. Engage 20 types of enemy targets including T-72 tanks, MiG-29 fighters, Hind helicopters, AA guns, SAM sites, and gunships. Arm your aircraft with a variety of high-tech weaponry and countermeasures. Use Sidewinders for dogfighting, or launch TOW anti-tank missiles at distant targets.

Product Details

  • Name: F-22 Interceptor
  • Platform: SEGA Genesis
  • Genre: Simulation > Flight > Combat
  • Developer/Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Release Date: 1991