Super Scrabble - Game Boy [NEW]

Milton Bradley

$39.99 USD

With all that Super Scrabble has to offer, even the most traditional Scrabble player will smile with delight. Watch the computer scan its 40,000+ word dictionary! ZOOM to any part of the game board for a close-up view. Think your opponent's trying to pull a fast one? CHALLENGE the word! Stuck trying to use your letters? Use the DUMP option to replace them! 5 skill levels and 4 different playing options make every game a mind-bending challenge!

Product Details

  • Name: Super Scrabble
  • Platform: Game Boy
  • Genre: Miscellaneous > Board / Card Game
  • Developer/Publisher: Milton Bradley
  • Release Date: 1991-03
  • Item ID: DMG-SR
  • Franchise: Scrabble