Eternal Eyes - Playstation [NEW]


$54.99 USD

Details: A magic bolt of lightning shoots from the sky, another magical puppet monster is created, another defender of the kingdom is born. As Luca, one of the few descendants of the blessed Crimson Eyed tribe, you can save the kingdom of Gross from the onslaughts of evil. Through a world of mystery and intrigue, create magical puppet monsters of your own and become invincible. This is an incredible new RPG to enthrall and delight. Designed to appeal to fans of role-playing, fantasy, tactical gameplay, and Japanese anime, Eternal Eyes is a 3-D adventure that combines a strong story line with elements of Pokémon-style monster breeding.


  • Rated "E" - Animated Violence
  • RPG
  • 1 Player
  • Crave Entertainment

Brand: Sony

EAN: 0650008199154