Dexter's Laboratory: Mandark's Lab? - PlayStation

Bam Entertainment

$14.99 USD


"Mandark! Get out of my laboratory!" Could this be the end of Dexter's Laboratory? The evil Mandark has infiltrated Dexter's laboratory, and is intent on its destruction. Using a combination of wits, courage and skill, Dexter must embark on a thrilling quest of mini-games to regain control of his laboratory. - Master thrilling experiments and inventions as you race through 4 fantastic levels of Dexter's Laboratory. - Play 8 hilarious and challenging mini-games including Dee Dee's Dance Off, Cootie Call, Up 'N' Atom, Dexter Dodge Ball and more. - Battle in 2 player mode to prove who is the true scientific genius -- you or your friends. - Collect special blueprints to gain access to secrets, rewards and special inventions to help you through the game.


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