Thexder - Commodore Amiga

Sierra Entertainment

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A NEW STANDARD IN ACTION GAMES. Direct from Japan, where game design is treated as an art form, comes Thexder, an arcade game by which all others will soon be judged. Thexder offers more music, animation and game play, than you ever thought possible from a computer game. DESIGNED FOR THE NEXT GENERATION OF COMPUTERS. Thexder was created for second generation computers with 16-bit processors and advanced animation capabilities. The fine detailing of the artwork fully exploits the increased graphics capabilities now available, and the music (perfectly choreographed to reflect the action during play) will rival anything you've ever heard before. THEXDER OFFERS A UNIQUE CHALLENGE! In Thexder, players are given the chance to pilot a robot through multiple attack scenarios. The battlefields include caves, vast cargo holds and spaceship interiors. The robot also has the unique ability to transform into a fighter jet (and back again) at the touch of a button. Over 20 different types of aliens will do battle with you, and the challenge and music escalates as the game progresses. THEXDER: AN ACTION GAME FOR TODAY'S COMPUTER OWNER. It has been well over a decade since Americans were first introduced to computerized action games in the local arcades. Although the arcade game has almost disappeared here, the Japanese have continued their love affair with this form of recreation. Thexder reflects the maturity and refinement of almost two decades of arcade playing. Its colorful animation and hypnotic music will seduce even the most jaded computer owner into playing action games once again. OVER ONE-HALF MILLION UNITS SOLD FOR HOME COMPUTERS. Thexder has proven to be one of the all-time bestselling arcade games in its country of origin. With its conversion to American machines, Thexder may just become one of the bestselling computer games worldwide! Thexder comes to America courtesy of Sierra, a publisher of quality computer entertainment products for over seven years. GAME ARTS. Thexder was originally designed and programmed by Game Arts, a top publisher of recreational software in Japan. Sierra is very honored to be associated with this talented group of software artists.

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