The Legend of William Tell - Commodore Amiga

EPS/Electronic Zoo

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Perched on top of your young son's head, the shiny red apple seems to dance in the crossbow's sights. Sweat trickles into each eye as you strain to keep the target absolutely still. A miss destroys your only son, but split the fruit and you both live. Then your struggle against Gessler, the Austrian tyrant who rules the Swiss countryside, can begin again. No one said it would be easy... A Quest of Honor... - Rescue your son and lead your countrymen in a revolt against the oppressive rule of Austria. - Travel through more than 100 unique and colorful screens, acquiring weapons, food, drink, scrolls, keys, valuables and shields. - Converse with the characters you meet--royalty, monks, castle guards and villagers--they might give you clues or treasures. - Battle black knights, eagles, wolves, wart hogs and castle guards--with maces, short swords, axes, long swords and morningstars! With Spellbinding Crossbow Action! - A unique "crossbow targeting window" lets you move the sights left, right, up or down as you aim from behind the bow. - Find and select 3 different crossbows, 3 different sights, and 3 different winders--some are more effective than others! - Unleash a broad arrow (steel), sharp arrow (iron), or blunt arrow (wooden) depending on the target.

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