The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight - Commodore Amiga

Electronic Arts

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When The Going Gets Even Tougher... Another wolf! Your magic sword cleaves him mid-snarl, and he drops in a fur-pile at your feet. There's a slime-ball conjurer just out of reach who'll keep summoning these slobbering missiles until your sword arm drops off. Unless you can figure out a way to get at him. When you put Mangar out to pasture, all you really wanted was a bottomless mug and an ace up your sleeve. So what are you doing out here in the gnarly wilderness, knee-deep in wolf meat, itching to put an arrow through the Adam's apple of some spell-caster? It must be your Destiny. 50% Bigger Than Bard's Tale - More animated color monsters--over 100 kinds of monsters in all. - Dozens of new spells--79 in all. - 25 dungeon levels. - 6 entire cities. - A vast wilderness to explore. - A bank and casino. - More strategy in melee encounters--the weapons and spells you choose depend on the enemy's range. - Summon and name monsters to become a permanent part of your party. - A Sage to give you clues. - Six different guilds for saving games. - Optional use of Bard's Tale characters. Bard's Tale experience not required.

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