Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire - Commodore Amiga

Sierra Entertainment

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In the beginning, there was "So You Want To Be A Hero." Compute! Magazine called it "...a breakthrough in adventure game design..." and Computer Gaming World Magazine, in awarding the game 'Adventure Game of the Year' said the game was "extremely fun to play" and "satisfying by any measure." Now Sierra is proud to introduce the second chapter in this amusing yet challenging adventure series, Trial by Fire. Set in the mystical tradition of The Arabian Nights, this sequel expands on those gameplaying elements that made the original a bestseller. A Tale of Two Cities... Far across the blazing desert lies the beautiful city of Shapeir, a peaceful place where folks are friendly and a Hero can relax for a while...Alas, a Hero's work is never done. Soon the call of duty comes in the form of a warning: Beware the evil of Raseir, once the mirror image of Shapeir, now a dark reflection ruled by evil. Soon its poison will begin to seep into Shapeir, and the land and its people will be doomed. It's a race against time, and our Hero must face many trials and constant dangers in an attempt to free Raseir from a dark shadow and restore Raseir's true form -- a mirror of the peace and beauty that is Shapeir. FEATURES - Bring your original Hero to a new world, or build a brand new character. - Battle unknown creatures using an improved combat system. - Experience a different game each time you play; with different goals and different outcomes for each character class. - More locations, more challenging problems to solve, many with multiple solutions. - Complex character interaction never before encountered in a computer role-playing game. - Sierra's high-resolution graphics and superior sound create new levels of interaction on your home computer!

Product Details

Game Data

  • Genre: Adventure > General
  • Age Rating: ESRB
  • Descriptor(s): Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
  • Country: USA

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