Interaction - Commodore Amiga


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"With INTERACTION you can privately explore and better understand your own loves and relationships, and mutually discover each others attitudes. INTERACTION is the program you will use again and again!" Dr. Joyce Brothers Written by psychologists and relationship experts, INTERACTION answers your questions about love and relationships and allows you to easily perform these important functions on your home computer: INTERACTIVE QUESTIONNAIRE: Create a private and in-depth profile of yourself discussing love, relationships and sexual attitudes. You answer questions and the computer may pose additional follow-up questions! COMPLETE ANALYSIS: Based on your replies to the INTERACTION questionnaire, the computer gives you an onscreen or printed analysis. Attractions, sexual behaviors, relationships, sensuality, individual and interpersonal styles and even dysfunctions are some of the subjects covered in your report. And the INTERACTION analysis varies as your lifestyle changes. With INTERACTION's super intelligence branching your chances of getting the same analysis as another person are more than one in a billion. ELECTRONICALLY ACCESS THE COMPLETE MEDICAL/ SEXUAL DICTIONARY: INTERACTION lets you instantly access both medical and medical/sexual definitions. For fun, or for entertainment, access this several hundred word dictionary and get quick onscreen definitions, or print out selected words. AND this INTERACTION Analysis Module can be intergrated with the INTERACTION compatibility module available separately. INTERACTION LETS YOU USE THE POWER OF YOUR COMPUTER TO UNLOCK AND EXPLORE YOUR PERSONALITY AND SENSUALITY AS NEVER BEFORE.

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