Awesome Arcade Action Pack Volume 1 - Commodore Amiga


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THREE STUNNING VISIONS OF THE FUTURE, BROUGHT INTO YOUR HOME IN ONE FANTASTIC PACKAGE Experience the excitement of three of Arcadia's Coin-op hits. These bring you the awesome graphics and addictive gameplay of the Arcade versions right onto your computer. SIDEWINDER A "hi-energy" shoot-em-up with the action taking place on five levels inside an alien spacecraft. If you have the lightning reflexes of a master pilot, you will fly through the amazing defences and survive to reach the final level and an incredible orgy of action and destruction. XENON Switch between a ground based hovercraft to a fast jet fighter plane, select your weapons from the wide range available, as you battle to overcome the challenge of busting through the enemy defences. You will face a constant barrage of attacks from the most vicious aliens ever seen on a computer screen. Digitized speech and graphics as Captain Zod guides you through the sixteen levels. Fast action and lightning reflexes need to be matched to a clever strategy if you are to master this "thinking man's shoot-em-up". BLASTABALL A "Hi-tech" ice hockey from the far future. In 3600 AD inertia controlled space ships play on a metal field, using homing missiles to move the puck. Select from ten different craft and a computer controlled or a real opponent, in this most unusual and addictive all-action game. Easy to "Pick up" impossible to put down! All games have the following great features:- One and two player options. Digitized Sound Effects and Music. Amazing Animation. True Arcade Quality Graphics. Joystick Required.

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