Thunderchopper - Commodore 64

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For true helicopter action and realism, nothing else can compare with ThunderChopper! Climb into the pilot's seat of a high-performance scout/rescue/light-attack helicopter. This chopper for the 1990s and beyond, based on the Hughes 530MG Defender, provides the enhanced power and controllability not found in today's helicopters - or helicopter simulations. ThunderChopper's combination of power plus control lets you land on helipads or rooftops with ease. With enough experience you'll be ready to test your skills in a dramatic rescue scenario. Or relive pre-programmed historical situations to see how your strategies and abilities compare to those of real chopper pilots. In attack mode, you can skim right above the treetops in 'nape-of-the-earth' flight and make full use of your advanced flight controls and avionics. High-speed 3D graphics offer superb out-the-windshield views in both day and night flight modes. ThunderChopper carries standard flight instruments as well as advanced instrumentation (Forward-Looking Infra Red, CO2 laser radar, zoom television, and ECM) patterned after the equipment now being tested in the US Army's LHX 'helicopter-of-the-future' program. Armament includes TOW and Stinger missiles, a Hughes Chain Gun, and Zuni rockets - ThunderChopper's 750hp jet turbine and precise controls provide the power and maneuverability to use them all effectively. From simple landing practice to an exploration, rescue, or combat mission, ThunderChopper is the ultimate in helicopter action and realism.

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  • Genre: Simulation > Flight > Combat
  • Age Rating: ESRB
  • Descriptor(s): Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
  • Country: USA
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