Breakers - Commodore 64


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THEY'RE EXPECTING THE MESSIAH ANY DAY NOW. IF YOU'RE NOT HIM, YOU'D BETTER HAVE A REAL GOOD STORY. Breakers. The kind of desperate misfits who give cheap bars and dark alleys a bad name. This bar is crawling with them. And the worst part is, they aren't even the worst part. Low-life doesn't get much lower than this. Here, deep within the volcanic rifts of the planet Borg, on the outer tentacles of the Slug Nebula, pure Evil leaves its slimy trail across the once-green home of the gentle Lau people. Human misery is the coin of the realm, and the mutant Space Cops make sure everyone has plenty of change. The prophecies say that when the veil draws across the face of the constellation Garbo, the world will be either redeemed...or destroyed. Maybe you ought to say something. Or maybe you ought to just order another drink. JUST LIKE REAL LIFE, ONLY WEIRDER! When you play BREAKERS, you're at the center of a fantastic adventure, as fast-moving and mind-bending as the best science fiction. Because BREAKERS allows an unprecedented level of interaction with the other characters. They aren't static, cardboard figures--they know what you've been doing and what you've learned, and they react accordingly. You'll have your hands full with the lot of them: the murderous toilet dancer Vulkos Mulcahy; golddigger blonde Bobo; Betty the bartender, a mollusk with a heart of gold; and, of course, the ever-popular Panface. You'll communicate easily in English, thanks to the sophisticated BTZ language parser...move through an ever-changing real-time web of plots and subplots...and visit states that aren't on any road map. Your only weapon is your superior intellect and spiritual perfection. On Borg, that and 30 zztips will get you a cup of fregma. - Critically acclaimed BTZ language parser "light years ahead of its competition" - Characters with minds of their own - Exciting interactive scenes - Constantly changing real-time world

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Game Data

  • Genre: Adventure > Text
  • Age Rating: ESRB
  • Descriptor(s): Mild Lyrics, Suggestive Themes
  • Country: USA

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