Blue Max 2001 - Commodore 64

Synapse Software

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You are Max Chatsworth IX, a direct descendant of Max Chatsworth of BLUE MAX fame. You have lived and breathed his legend, and now fate calls upon you to fight an evil so foul that he could not even have imagined it. The FURXX empire has extended its iron hand to Earthbase Gamma IV, and captured it. The inhabitants who were not killed in that struggle, were enslaved and sent to FURXX conversion processors to be drained of their life force, so that the FURXX TimeMasters could extend their own lifespans. Having effected an easy victory, the FURXX now intend to invade all earth colonies and finally capture the earth herself. Your mission is to penetrate enemy defenses, destroy their hoverfields, and finally destroy the symbol upon which the FURXX EMPIRE IS BUILT. And this must be accomplished IMMEDIATELY, for the fate of the world rests in your hand!

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