Battalion Commander (1985) - Commodore 64


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"ATTACK THE FLANKS!" "LAY DOWN SMOKE SCREENS!" "FIRE MORTARS!" Grim soldiers in the midst of combat. Tanks rumbling forward as howitzer shells erupt around them. The enemy is just over the next ridge. Your captain's voice crackles from the radio: "Your orders, sir?" As a lieutenant colonel in charge of an entire armored battalion, you must issue swift and concise commands. This decisiveness is especially critical in an exciting real-time tactical game like BATTALION COMMANDER. Here's your chance to match your wits against the computer in a series of conflicts designed to test your military prowess. You can choose from five different scenarios. In the novice game, your objective is to destroy a Soviet tank battalion while learning the ropes of command. The tougher assignments include such missions as overwhelming an enemy whose defenses have been disrupted or dealing with an unexpected enemy encounter. Your forces are equipped with a complete arsenal of modern vehicles and weapons such as tanks, APC's, howitzers, heavy mortars, antitank missiles and assault guns. In BATTALION COMMANDER, you can select the nationality of ground forces (U.S., Soviet or Chinese) for either your side or the enemy's. Relative strengths can also be adjusted to vary the difficulty of the game. And if you get bored with the scenery, just choose another battleground from the 40 terrain maps available. So go ahead--give the captain your orders. The outcome of battle rests on you, sir.

Product Details

  • Name: Battalion Commander (1985) - Commodore 64
  • Platform: Commodore 64
  • Developer & Publisher: SSI
  • Official Release Date: 1985

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