Ball (Game & Watch)


$99.99 USD

Ball is a Silver Game & Watch video game released in 1980 by Nintendo. Being the company's first Game & Watch title, Ball is celebrated among the gaming community and within the company and has seen several rereleases and remakes. In Ball the user controls a character who must juggle several balls at once, making sure that none of them are accidentally dropped. This can be done by moving his arms left and right, which is controlled with the two face buttons. Both arms are moved at the same time instantaneously by pressing the left and right buttons; when one arm is moved right, the other is moved right and when one arm is moved left, the other moves left. It is this simplicity that made the Game & Watch series so memorable, iconic and lucrative.

Though Ball was not the most successful game in the franchise, selling an estimated 250,000 units, it is perhaps the most important. Had Ball been a failure, the future of the franchise and conceivably the company's video game business would have possibly been less likely to survive. Because of its success, however, many more Game & Watch games were developed and the game itself was remade or rereleased several times. There have been many iterations of the game in the Game & Watch Galleryseries and in 2009 Nintendo released the game on their DSiWare service for 200 Nintendo Points. In 2010 (2011 in North America) Nintendo remade the original Game & Watch unit and released them through their Club Nintendo service.