Persona 4 Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition - PlayStation Vita

J&L Game

$799.99 USD

Details: Loaded with rare accessories, the very limited Solid Gold Premium Edition is a treat for Persona fans and an irresistible temptation for current and prospective Vita owners.


  • P4G (The Game): One of the best RPGs of all time, now expanded and remastered to make full use of the power of Vita.
  • Hori Hard Pouch: Sturdily built and stylishly customized, this case has a flap that stores games while it guards the screen.
  • Hori Face Cover: Offers lightweight yet effective protection without blocking any major parts, so it never has to come off!
  • Protective Skin: Adorns your Vita with the stylish, vibrant aesthetics of Persona 4 and includes 8 matching wallpapers.
  • Stickers: Starring characters from Persona 4, these stickers can be used to decorate anything you can think of!

Release Date: 11-20-2012

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