.hack, Part 4: Quarantine - PlayStation 2

Bandai Namco

$1,499.99 USD


In this final episode of the .hack series, guide the outlaw Kite in a fight to save "The World" from a deadly virus. Uncover truth and fight to save the lives of your own friends. The immersive .hack saga ends here!


Finish the four-part saga started in February by tying up all the loose plot threads.



Same as in earlier entries, which in my opinion, means that they aren't that great.


Has no one in this game gone through puberty? The voice acting makes everyone sound like they're eight years old.


Same icky camera, same somewhat uncomfortable menu structure.

Entertainment: For those who have kept up, this game is a given


Moderately Low Rated: 7.5 out of 10Editor: Lisa Mason


6.5 out of 10


  • Bring your saved data over from Part 3 and hit the ground running in Part 4 with your leveled up characters and items
  • Encounter and trade with your favorite. hack/SIGN characters
  • Use the highest level skills and the most powerful equipment for the toughest and most exciting battles yet
  • Improved AI programming allows advanced Chat Commands and battle tactics
  • Play the ultimate game of tag to defeat the Golden Goblins

Publisher: Bandai

UPC: 045557180140

Brand: Bandai Namco

EAN: 0045557180140