Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - GameCube


$39.99 USD

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is an action RPG with an epic tale of intrigue, explosive spell effects, and highly detailed creatures and environments. You play a one of three customizable characters, who returns to Baldur's Gate and joins the fight against the darkness that threatens its peace. Take on the monsters solo or with a friend in co-op mode. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is the first game to feature the real time application of the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules.

Product Details

  • Name: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
  • Platform: GameCube
  • Genre: Role-Playing > Action RPG
  • Developer/Publisher: Interplay
  • Release Date: 2002-11
  • Item Code: 020626718745
  • Franchise: Baldur's Gate